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At eCAHealthinsurance, we want to help you be smart about how you handle your medical expenses.  By taking advantage of all the money-saving tools available, you can reduce your annual medical costs by thousands of dollars. Below are the money-saving opportunities we provide as additional benefits. 

  • Prescription Drug Discounts - There is a wide variation in pricing on prescription drugs, and smart shoppers can save a lot of money by doing some comparison shopping.  To help you lower your prescription costs even further, eCAHealthinsurance has a Prescription Drug Discount Card that you can download immediately, cut out, and put in your wallet.  You’ll have access to online pricing, so you can be sure you’re getting the best price available before you head to the pharmacy.  This card is widely accepted, offers good discounts, and we recommend you always check prices with this card even if your insurance company also provides a discount prescription card.

  • Lab Fee Discounts - The biggest markups in medicine are for prescription drugs and lab tests. Instead of paying full retail price for things like blood work and CAT scans, eCAHealthinsurance clients and visitors have access to discounted pricing that reduces the costs by as much as 80%.  Simply go online, order the tests you want, and then head to the closest participating lab to have the test run.  Results are usually available within 48 hours.

  • $100 Deductible Supplemental Accident Plans - A majority of our clients add a supplemental accident plan to go with their high deductible health plan.  These plans only have a $100 deductible, and then cover 100% for any accident, up to $5,000 or $10,000.  Since most people are more likely to have an unexpected accident than an expensive sickness, an accident plan is a great way to buffer the high deductible of an Medigap-qualified plan.  And they're inexpensive, starting at only $22 per month.  Benefit exclusions and limitations may apply.

  • Bill Negotiation Service - Insurance companies and major employers have the power to negotiate with doctors and hospitals to receive lower prices than the general public gets, something the average individual can’t do.  Because of eCAHealthinsurance’s large presence in the marketplace, you now have access to the same service, risk free.  Before paying a medical bill, our members simply submit your claims to our negotiation service, and if they can negotiate a reduced bill you get to keep 70% of the savings!  If they are unable to negotiate any further price reductions, then you pay nothing.  Sign up for this service at NO COST, and receive the 70% savings rate that is available only to eCAHealthinsurance website visitors.

  • International Medical Treatment - More and more Americans are traveling out of the country to receive medical treatment.  High quality treatment from U.S. board certified surgeons can often be had for a fraction of what it would cost here in the U.S. Substantial savings are available on dental work, cosmetic surgery, and even things like knee replacement or bypass surgery.  eCAHealthinsurance partners with PlanetHospital and PlacidWay

    PlanetHospital’s on-staff doctors will consult with you about your situation, recommend appropriate surgeons and facilities, and arrange for all treatment.  eCAHealthinsurance clients and visitors will have their consultation fee waived, and receive an additional 10% discount on the concierge fee.

    PlacidWay, a health and wellness tourism company, connects you with your ideal healthcare service provider in a location of your choice, and charges no fees.  You are given a complete freedom to explore, customize, and experience healthcare options around the world that fit your personal needs, finances, and desires.

  • Tax and Legal Assistance - KKO Lawyers is a nationwide tax-law firm specializing in the areas of tax, estate and business planning for small business owners all over the country.  They can help you with your tax planning and asset protection structure, and they teach strategies that really work - including the use of Medigaps.  KKO Lawyers is a company every small business owner should at least consider when forming their advisory team for tax and legal planning.