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Medicare Supplemental Insurance: Need Help To Compare The 10 Plans?

You may be looking into Medicare Supplemental Insurance to protect you from the many gaps in Medicare's coverage. How do you choose from the different plans that Medicare Supplemental Insurance offers?

To get started, you need to decide whether to replace your governmental Medicare coverage with Medicare Advantage Plans from private insurance companies. Medicare Advantage Plans aren't as good of a deal now that healthcare reform is cutting governmental subsidiaries because their premiums are likely to be increased to make up the difference.

If you decide to stick with the Original Medicare, you can use Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance to prevent the gaps in Medicare's coverage from draining your retirement savings. Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance has a solution for the co-insurance, co-pay and deductible expenses you still have to pay after Medicare has paid its share of your medical bills.

First, let's take a look at Medicare's deductibles? Medicare Supplement Insurance can help with both the Part A deductible that you must meet before Medicare pays for hospital bills and the Part B deductible you have to spend before you get Medicare's help with doctor bills. Medicare Supplement Insurance can reimburse you both deductibles completely, or pay a portion to keep your premiums low.

If you see the possibility of a stay in the hospital in the near future, you'll need one of the Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans that covers the $1,100 deductible. If that's unlikely and you have a lot of doctor appointments coming up, you may be better off with one of the Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans that pay you back for the $155 annual deductible before Medicare pays for your doctor bills.

When would you have to pay for Medicare's co-insurance? When you see a doctor, Medicare only pays for 80 percent of a pre-approved amount for doctor bills, but you can use Medigap Insurance to pay for the 20 percent that's left. Medigap Insurance also covers co-insurance amounts when Medicare doesn't pay for 100 percent of your bills for care in the hospital or at a skilled nursing facility.

You may be wondering what co-pays are all about. If you need to see a doctor, Medigap Plans can also cover the typical $20 co-pays to see a doctor and $50 co-pays to go to the emergency room. Without Medigap Plans to cover these gaps in Medicare's coverage, you'll have to pay for them out of your own pocket.

Medigap Policies can also save you a lot of money on things you might not expect. What if your doctor's fee is higher than Medicare's pre-approved amount? Medigap Policies can pick up the difference so you don't have to find a new doctor.

Medicare Supplement Plans can help if you find yourself in need of emergency medical care during a trip in a foreign country, too. Six of the Medicare Supplement Plans protect you and your vacation by covering 80 percent of such charges for up to 60 days.

To get that kind of comprehensive coverage, take a look at Medigap Plan F. It has been the most popular and it has the more complete coverage for the holes in Medicare. Medigap Plan F will not have the lowest premiums, but it can actually save you money when you're faced with high out-of-pocket costs.

If you're not likely to have high medical bills, check out one of the less expensive plans, such as Medicare Supplement Plan N. In exchange for you paying the annual $155 Medicare Part B deductible, Medicare Supplement Plan N will cover the expensive $1,100 Part A deductible should you be admitted to the hospital.

By comparing what healthcare bills you expect in the near future to the coverage available, you can get the best Medicare Supplement for your situation. Once you select the best Medicare Supplement to protect you from your most-likely medical expenses, start to compare how different insurance companies are pricing the plan you prefer. Getting the best Medicare Supplement also means finding the best price on that plan.

Medigap comparisons can show you which insurer has the best price on Plan F, for instance, and you won't have to worry about giving up any of the typical Plan F coverage. With standardized benefits, Plan F coverage is the same regardless of where you find it. Medigap comparisons just help you find the company that's offering your favorite plan at the best price.

The best Medigap Insurance gives you the right coverage for your needs plus the best deal on the premiums. While it may sound like a lot or work to compare your options, you can really save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by paying lower premiums throughout your retirement years.

Certain insurance companies may offer ways to save even more. A Humana Medicare Supplement, for example, includes easy Internet access to keep track of your monthly benefits record. It also gives suggestions to help lower your health care expenses.

As you can see, Medigap coverage has lots of ways to improve your healthcare and protect your retirement savings from escalating medical costs. With Medigap coverage, you have the freedom to keep your doctor even though he charges more than Medicare will pay. You can also ensure your access to care in a hospital or skilled nursing facility to get you back on your feet so you are able to stay in your own home with the right Medigap coverage.

Comparing Medicare Supplement Insurence also gives you a lot of insight into when Medicare will pay for and when it won't pay for your medical bills. Medicare Supplement Insurence can be a great defense against many out-of-pocket expenses you could be stuck with if you depend on Medicare alone.

If you still have questions about Medigap Insurence, you can find more help from Medicare itself, from insurers that provide Medigap Insurence and online. As more baby boomers reach the age when they can enroll in Medicare, you can expect even more services will become available to help you assess your need for Medigap Insurence.

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