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Hi, I'm Wiley Long, President of eCAHealthinsurance, a regional division of HSA for America.  We are proud to serve residents in California with dedication to customer service, large networks, and the best rates available.
The Lowest Rates Available

With eCAHealthinsurance you get the lowest rates available because we are an independent agency.  That allows us to compare several different plans from many insurance companies, allowing us to see the options available to you, the customer.  Our concern is finding the best value on insurance for your specific needs now, and to help you keep saving money in the future.  No one can offer lower rates for the plans and insurance companies we offer.

Once you have your health insurance plan, insurance plan, we offer our Annual Comprehensive Policy Review and compare your plan to others in the constantly changing insurance climate.  This helps you make policy changes when needed so that you are always getting this best value possible.

Your Own Personal Advisor

As a customer of eCAHealthinsurance, you will always have access to your own personal advisor.  We have knowledgeable experts with a great understanding of the California and national markets, and decades of experience under our belt.  I believe it is important to have someone on your side not only to to help you find the best plan at the best value, but to help you with any other issues you may have when you need to use the coverage.

Making Health Insurance Shopping Easy

At eCAHealthinsurance, you get everything you need and the process is easy and hassle-free.  You have plenty of resources available that will help you compare options so that you make an informed money smart decision about your insurance.  You have access to instant quotes and online applications. You will also have personal access to eCAHealthinsurance services before and after you sign up, so you can get your questions answered and make an informed decision.  Just call, or fill out our contact form.

Helping You Save Money On Other Medical Expenses

If you choose an HSA-qualified plan, we offer a consolidated list of top-recommended HSA banks and administrators nationwide through HSA for America.

Because we are interested in helping you save money on all our medical expenses, you will also find many cost-cutting benefits that will reduce your annual medical costs and retain more money in your HSA.  Our Additional Benefits extend to discounts on prescription drugs and lab fees, low cost term life insurance, accident plans that can buffer a high deductible, and a bill negotiation service that can help you attain lower costs from providers.

We can also help you set up a Health Reimbursement Arrangement, and show you other ways to lower your routine medical expenses.

The e-California Health Insurance "Extreme Satisfaction" Guarantee

I believe you will be so completely blown away by the price and service you receive from eCAHealthinsurance that you will be emailing, calling, texting, and twittering everyone you know who buys their own insurance, helping them save money and making their life easier.

That is what we're all about.  If you don't agree, you can get a complete refund - any time from the moment you apply, up to10 days after your coverage effective date).

I so strongly believe in serving you the customer, that if at any point you are not satisfied with service our team provides, please let me know.  We will personally aid you in finding coverage through a different agency at no cost to you.

About HSA for America

HSA for America is a nationwide company focused on HSA-qualified health insurance plans.  Clients of eCAHealthinsurance benefit from their years of experience serving thousands of customers around the country.


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President -

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